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Why you should use our iPad Mini 1 and 2 repair service:

1 We provide SAME DAY repair service for broken iPad glasses. Most other repair shops will give you 3-5 days turnaround!
2 We only use high quality parts. So your iPad will function the same. There would be no touch sensitivity problems or such.
3 If your iPad is bent on the corners we flatten it to make the new glass fit on the frame. This will prevent future glass breakage.
4 We have all the replacement parts in stock. We also provide 90 days warranty for any functioning issues.
5 We don’t use 3M adhesive for the glass which will loosen up after couple of days of usage! We use industrial adhesive instead and it holds the new glass in place pretty tight the first time.

iPad Mini 1 and 2 Repair Prices:
• Glass Replacement ……………… $140
• LCD Replacement ………………… $150
• Battery Replacement …………… $150

* Prices above do not include sales tax.

We repair iPad mini cracked screen, cracked lcd at a competitive price. Our same day turnaround is what makes it special. Just bring it in to our shop or mail in and we will fix it within 2 hours.