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Does your Samsung Galaxy S4 have a cracked glass or LCD? We can fix it!

Accidents happen! We can help. You don’t have to break your contract and get a new phone. If you dropped your phone and glass cracked, or the LCD is damaged and you can’t see anything but a dark screen, we can fix it all. Most of the time it will work just fine after screen replacement.

Your Galaxy S4 is not taking a charge, or Microphone stopped working?

Another common issue on Samsung Galaxy S4 is the charging port going bad. It could happen from pulling the cable too quickly or from water damage. The phone wouldn’t take a charge if the charging port is damaged. We have the parts in stock and we can fix it in less than an hour.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Repair Prices
• Front Screen Replacement ………….. $150
• Charging Port Replacement ………….. $45
• Headphone Jack Replacement ………. $45
• Front Camera Replacement ………….. $45