Est. 2013

Who we are

We created this business out of necessity for emergency repairs. We understand how much we rely our gadgets and leaving them for days at a repair shop may not be an option. Most of the repairs we do are while-you-wait (or while you grab a coffee/lunch).

Quick Turnaround

We have a large inventory of parts for the repairs we offer. Although this is an extra cost to us, it allows to offer quick turnaround on our repairs. This saves us and our customers time and money in the long run.

Free Diagnosis

We don’t believe in charging for work that does not fix the problem. We charge for solutions so if we can’t solve a problem or repair something correctly we will refer you to a solution that will best meet your needs. It is not in our best interest to charge by the hour or to charge for something solely based on the time it takes. We aim for quality and efficiency at our store and our work environment. This allows to handle lots on jobs throughout the day on a walk-in basis.


If there is a repair that is done for free or at a lower cost with a manufacture we will inform you of this beforehand so you can know all your options. We do not charge an arm and a leg when you only need a basic part replaced on your system!


Don’t just take our word for our great work. Check out some of our reviews and see for yourself!