Network Stability

Ensure the continuity of your network throughout your entire home. We can help eliminate the dead spots.

Printer Setup

We can help you setup new printer and share printer with other devices.

Virus Protection

Get rid of the bugs and viruses that prevent you from doing your work. Permanently.

Tune-ups and Upgrades

Don't let the slow computer cause any stress to your day. We know how to make them run smooth and fast.

Security and Protection

With all the data breaches that happen it's important to take safety measures seriously.

Smart Home Automation

Local and Cloud Backup and Recovery

Never loose an important file or photo because a hard drive failure or accidental deletion.

Smart Home Automation

Setup doorbell cameras, smart thermostats, smart TV installation, Alexa, Google Home, security cameras and etc..

Software Install and Troubleshooting

Repair corrupted softwares such as operating systems and troubleshoot software bugs and errors.

Why choose our services you ask?

Billed Hourly

Our residential IT support is $95 per hour with a one hour minimum and then bill by quarter hour increments after.

Servicing the Bay Area

We travel to you anywhere in the bay area. If you outside of our 5 miles radius there would be a $40 travel fee.

Exceptional Customer Support

We have been in business since 2013 and humbled by our long term customers. We won't let you down.