What is our warranty for?

My Emergency Guy, Inc. is an independent, 3rd party repair shop and has no affiliation with Apple, Samsung, Microsoft or any other electronic design or manufacturing company.
Our technicians have have been trained to work on the devices we repair in our shop. All of our repairs involving replacement of parts include a 90 day limited warranty. (with the exception of water damaged devices)
You can be sure that the work being done at our shop is of quality caliber and the warranty is to cover any possible defects from the manufacture.

What does the warranty cover?

Our 90 day limited warranty covers any functioning issues involved with the part replaced at our store.
We pride ourselves in offering the best quality replacement parts for the computers and mobile devices we repair.
We don’t take shortcuts to save a few dollars on parts that will fail a few months after the repair, this only causes headaches for our customers and us.
We order quality parts in large quantity and have a wide range of inventory so that we can offer same day or next day turnaround for most repairs.

Our parts are tested before hand by quality control testers however there are rare cases where a part may be defective. In this case we will replace the part under warranty, and at no additional cost of labor.
Since this is not a product warranty we don’t warranty the entire computer or device after a part is replaced. For example if we replace the LCD screen on a mac book pro and 2 months later the hard drive fails we do not cover the cost of replacement hard drive or data recovery since these are not related (this is just an example and not the opinions of My Emergency Guy, inc. employees to predict that this will happen).

If you would prefer a new product warranty on your device or computer we recommend getting it repaired with the manufacture or replacing it all together since we do not offer any product warranties or extended warranties.

 What is an example of a functional issue?

Our replacement parts are intended to solve the initial problem for which we are repairing, if there is a problem with the part that causes it not to preform in the original manner then this may be a defective part. An example would be if you had a phone screen repaired with us because the glass was cracked and a portion of the new screen is not responding to touch, then we will replace this part with a new one and a new 90 day warranty on the part we replaced.

What does the warranty not cover?

This warranty DOES NOT cover any accidental or future damage to the device or the part(s) replaced by our technicians. i.e if you have had the screen of your phone replaced at our store due to a cracked screen and it breaks again one week, one day or even one hour after leaving the shop we CAN NOT replace it under the warranty or for free. Other incidents not covered by the warranty: Broken/cracked screens or LCD, hairline crack, liquid damage, physical damage or damage from by performing work from outside of My Emergency Guy, Inc.

How do I get my computer or device repaired under warranty due to a defect?

You have two options:

1: We recommend bringing it back to us at our shop where you can explain the issue to us and the reason for bringing it back. If we have the part for your device we will repair it as soon as we can given the current work load and availability of technicians.
2: If you are unable to visit our store you may also send your device in the mail to our store address. My Emergency Guy 6019 College Ave Oakland CA 94618. If you are sending a device to us we will cover the shipping cost and repair the device as soon as we can given the current work load and availability of technicians. We will send it back to you after it has been repaired.

Will getting a device repaired with My Emergency Guy, Inc. void my current warranty with another company?

The simple answer to this question is yes. Any person or persons who do repairs on devices including technicians will be voiding the warranty of the phone unless they are an authorized repair center of that product. If you have had your phone, table or computer for under a year it may be eligible to be repaired by the company it is made by for free in some cases. However most companies do not cover, and consider your warranty void if any of the following occur, accidental damage, physical damage or water damage.

If you are unsure if a problem is covered, we are happy to let you know if we have the correct information we can direct you on how to go about getting it repaired with the manufacture. One example of something that might be covered is a faulty part i.e cameras, charging port, power button etc if the device has not incurred any accidental damage and is under 1 year old. This is the general product warranty.

For more details about about your general product warranty we recommend contacting the manufacture of your device directly.