Data Recovery Services in Oakland

Unresponsive Hard Drive?
We Can Recover Your Data!

Need quick data recovery service in Oakland? Your hard drive just crashed and computer is not turning on? or dropped your computer and it’s unresponsive? We’ve seen it all. We can help you with data recovery.
Our data recovery involves the use of professional software, hardware and cleanroom services where needed. 

Quick Turnaround

Exceptional data recovery service in 1-5 days. Time variations apply if the data recovery is taking longer time due to slow read speed.

Free Evaluation

We give free evaluation based on type of storage media and the level of work required. Also we don't charge if we can't recover your data.

Affordable Pricing

Our data recovery prices start at $125 for basic data transfers and typically caps at $900 for higher tiers of recovery services.

Data Recovery Tiers and Pricing

Standard 2.5” and 3.5” Hard drives:
Tier 1: Software level data recovery $200

When the use of software is able to recover the data from a hard drive.
iMacs after late 2012 Data recovery will be $250 if it needs disassembly to remove the drive. 

Tire 2: Power issues with the hard drive or Slow Read Speed $250 -$350
Hard Drive is not powering on or Powers on but read speed is slow. 

Anything involving component replacement on the printed circuit board (power board) or board replacement. 

Tier 1: Software Level Recovery $150
If data can be recovered using software. 

Tier 2: Hardware Level Recovery $150-$250
If storage device is physically damaged and requires any type of hardware replacement or parts from donor device. 

Tier 1: Software Level $95. If your phone is stuck in update or restore mode, the screen is black or is not powering it may be able to be recovered with our standard software recovery. 

Tier 2: Liquid Damage, physical damage or board failure $250-$350
This level would be required for any phone that is malfunctioning or not powering on due to one of the above listed reasons. 

Tire 2: Solid State Drives Software Level Data Recovery $250
When the use of software is able to recover the data from a Solid State Drive.

This often requites specific adapters or PCI Express boards.
Tire 3: Hardware failure, Liquid Damage or Power issues on a Sold State Drive $250-$350 

This level would be required for any SSD that is malfunctioning or not powering on due to one of the above listed reasons. The use of Ultrasonic Cleaner, rework station for soldering or donor boards.

Hard drives that are in a RAID array using multiple drive: Starting at $450 

Tier 1: Standard data transfer from one place to another: $125 per drive. 

Tier 2: (transfers that require disassembly of machine) : Desktop PCs, iMacs $150 per drive.

Drive Data Erasure/Drive Destruction: $35 


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